Matlab software for the Detection of Non-linear Directional Couplings between Discrete Time Series
Github link: https://github.com/AdTau/DI-Inference

Python version (by M. Vila-Vidal):  https://github.com/mvilavidal/DI-Inference-for-Python

Reference Publication:

  • Tauste Campo, A., Vázquez  Y., Álvarez, M., Zainos, A., Rossi-Pool, R., Deco G., Romo R. (2019). Feed-forward information and zero-lag synchronization in the sensory thalamo-cortical circuit are modulated during stimulus perception. PNAS, 116(15): 7513-22. (https://doi.org/10.1073/pnas.1819095116)


Python software for the Analysis of Human Intracranial EEG recordings (by M. Vila-Vidal)
Github link: https://github.com/mvilavidal/Epylib

Reference Publication:

  • Vila-Vidal, M., Principe, A., Ley, M., Deco, G., Tauste Campo, A.*, & Rocamora, R*. (2017). Detection of recurrent activation patterns across focal seizures: Application to seizure onset zone identification. Clinical Neurophysiology, 128(6): 977-985. (https://doi.org/10.1016/j.clinph.2017.03.040)